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Our Guarantee

Red Bulldog Tickets guarantees that the following will be true for all event tickets ordered through our marketplace:

All tickets sold on Red Bulldog Tickets are guaranteed to be authentic, valid for access to the applicable event or amenity (e.g. parking or hotel accommodations). Contact your ticket seller immediately if the venue says there's a problem with your tickets. You'll need to provide evidence of invalidity from the venue if they can't resolve the issue. Red Bulldog Tickets requires this evidence so we can obtain the refund from your ticket seller. The evidence could range from a letter from the venue, or even a simple email identifiably from venue personnel that verifies there was a problem scanning the tickets.

 Red Bulldog Tickets expects the sellers who list tickets on our marketplace to provide the seating they advertise, or else provide equal or superior seating. Sellers are expected to contact customers proactively to confirm any significant seating changes to the section and row of a ticket order. If you receive a ticket substitution that you're unhappy with, please contact Red Bulldog Tickets immediately. We'll investigate the issue on your behalf to find a mutually agreeable solution for you and your seller.

All physical deliveries are made to the shipping address that was entered during checkout. We guarantee that the tickets will be shipped in sufficient time so that at least one delivery attempt is completed before the event occurs. Please note that you are personally responsible for being available to receive the ticket package when a delivery attempt is made. Red Bulldog Tickets will help coordinate your compensation with the ticket seller in the rare case that tickets aren't shipped or delivered in time for the event.

Red Bulldog Tickets will coordinate with the selling broker to provide a full refund of the ticket order, excluding delivery fees, in the event of a cancellation. The ticket seller may require you to return hard-stock tickets before they'll issue a refund.

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